Artist's Statement

I think of my paintings as unfinished stories, whose relevance may change with every passing year. My art is an energetic and liberating form of storytelling. I have been a part of the arts most of my life, it brings me tremendous purpose and joy. I paint to lose myself and also to find myself. This experience of being lost and found sums up my process. Through my work, I relay life stories. I like the person of abandon and self-discovery that I become while I paint. I work from an idea, experience or visual that inspires me. My medium being acrylic I enjoy the freedom it provides. I play with forms, lines and love to draw with paint. My work displays many layers, surface tension and textures that come together to tell a story. In my recent work, I have included socially relevant themes, where I use drawings and simple applications to keep the focus on the message. I paint with emotion but remain detached from my work. It is my hope that these stories elicit diverse interpretations.


  • Sweta Shah

Sweta is currently represented by the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York